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Taco What?

We are a Northwest taco shop!

We are a Northwest taco shop where we lovingly make our corn tortillas by hand each day from the freshest masa north of the Mexican border.


When we think of tacos, we think of freshly made warm corn tortillas hot off the grille, filled with a slowly braised local protein, a sustainable seafood, or sautéed or grilled local, seasonal vegetables; with a combination of fresh or pickled vegetables, queso, and house made salsas.


To us, a taco is the perfect vessel for some of our favorite foods.  Our aim is to compliment our food with our house made seasonal sangrias, our fresh squeezed citrus margaritas, NW brews, or some of our meticulously selected wines from Oregon and surrounding areas, and from around the world! Our kitchen is 100% gluten free. (except for the beer) We hope to share a meal with you soon.



-Jason & John, Owners

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